Frequently Asked Questions

How is the process of purchase?

Once you have chosen the piece you want, please go to the shopping cart and follow the steps to complete the purchase. When your inclusions arrive, I start to create the piece. The turnaround time is approx. 4 weeks.

What is a jewel of breast milk?
It is a jewel created from your breast milk and a mixture of resin. The result is the encapsulation of your milk in a jewel.

All pieces are finished with 925 sterling silver.

How can I make the payment?
I currently have two methods – by bank transfer or through PayPal.
How do I send you the milk?

I need minimum of 20 ml to max 30 ml of your breast milk for every order, irrespective of the number of items being purchased.

It can be fresh or frozen. Recently expressed or years old.

Store your milk in a bag suitable for milk storage, which you can buy at the pharmacy. Put that bag into a Zip-Lock bag and finally mail in a padded envelope- write your name and surname, as well as your order number..

Please keep in mind that leaked milk cannot be used and you will be requested to send another batch. Breast milk does not require special mailing, specialised courier services or refrigeration. I highly recommend that you post all your precious milk with registered post service.

Jewellery with Umbilical Stump
To make the umbilical cord jewellery, please send the cord with the clip, in a zip bag. I never use the whole cord and return the remainder along with the clip.

Please write your name and surname, as well as your order number on the bag.


In the case that I want to include the hair, how much should I send?

Please send 1 inch (2.2 cm) length and 2 mm thick lock tied securely

Jewellery with ashes
I will need approx. 2 table spoons of ashes, place it in small bag and secure with tape.

Please write your name and surname, as well as your order number on the bag.

Tooth jewellery
Please send the tooth in a small zip bag and secure with tape so it won’t fall out.
How much is the shipping costs?

The shipping cost goes from 3.50 EUR to 20 EUR depending on where in the world the package is sent to.

How long will it take to have my piece ready?

The wait time for your keepsake starts once your materials have been received and it takes around 4 weeks for pieces with hair, tooth, ashes etc (That does not include the time of the postage as it depends of the post office in each country.) I work as fast and efficiently as possible to have your beautiful jewellery ready, however please be mindful that I´m a mother as well so have my hands full of work J and everything is created by hand, which takes time.

Breast milk jewellery – CURRENT WAITING TIME IS UP TO 4 WEEKS.

Why does it take so long?
The whole process takes time. I want your piece to be perfect, so please be patient! It take days to set and dry, and time to polish each piece.
Why the piece that I received is not exactly the same as the one on the website?
It is normal as the jewellery that I make is handcrafted (with love of course!).

That means there may be subtle differences from the piece seen on the website, it is normal that the piece sometimes have a bit different shade of colour (darker or lighter). These subtle differences make each piece unique. Some pieces will have little air bubbles, but that will never impair the integrity of the piece. Sometimes you may be able to see other small imperfection such as a line from a mold, etc. This is a part of this beautiful handcrafted jewellery, however I always make the best effort to craft each piece to absolute perfection.

I understand that your materials are precious to you, and I would love to craft for you with the love & respect that they deserve. However, if you’re struggling with the decision about sending your materials for the production of a handmade jewellery, I understand this and you just simply may need some more time before taking this decision.

What do you do with left over material?

I only guarantee sending back remaining ashes & umbilical stumps.

Breast milk is stored for 12 months in case you want to order additional jewellery.

Do you accept custom orders?

Of course! Please email me your ideas and I’m sure we can design something beautiful for you.

Do the beads fit Pandora bracelets?
Yes, Yes, absolutely! And they also look beautiful on a chain in case you do not wear bracelets.
How should I look after my jewellery?
Please treat your jewelry like all other precious items… with care. The jewellery is water resistant and durable for wearing (with care), however, we do not recommend showering or swimming with it on (due to chlorine in swimming pools).

If you are working or cleaning with chemicals, I recommend to remove your jewellery before it.

Avoid exposure it to direct sun light for a very long time steam rooms, saunas, spray tans, hot tubs, lotions/perfumes (body care products do have chemicals in them so allow lotions to soak into the skin first, do not spray perfumes onto them).

Additionally, please avoid extremes in temperature change such as leaving it in the car on a hot summer day. If you have to clean your jewellery, please use warm water and a soft cloth.

Extra care for your Keepsake will ensure that it stays looking it’s best for years to come.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Because of the nature of the item I do not accept returns or changes. I take great care of your materials and make the best effort to return to you a beautiful keepsake you will cherish throughout your lifetime.  If you are unhappy with your received jewellery – as there is production fault (not including small imperfections that occur in handmade items), I’m willing to work with you to possibly remake the item. Please contact me as soon as you received your jewellery.

Resin Information

Basic Facts: I create your Keepsakes with a jewellery resin Resin technology is always improving. That said, resin is a plastic and with age, even the newest formulations have not existed long enough to see the long-term results after 7, 10, years. Not one manufacturer of epoxy resin can legitimately make a guarantee of non-yellowing resin.

All care Instructions that are provided here, advise on the best care of your piece for long-term beauty. As with anything that ages it will likely show with in some form, scratches from heavy wear or slight discoloration, depending on the care given. If you care for your Keepsakes, they will look their best for the future. I don’t want this to deter you from purchasing a Keepsake, but I wanted to discuss realistic long-term resin expectations.