About me

I’m a mum of 2 beautiful children and 1 little angel who left us far too soon. My passion for creating this beautiful jewellery started the moment I learnt that I can have very precious and tangible memory about my 3 children. It is amazing feeling to have something so precious with me every day, something that symbolizes my motherhood.

I always liked to create some special arts & crafts with my children, but only my motherhood and a series of events have made both my passions come true. I´m a happy mum who can share amazing & very personal symbols of motherhood with others.

So, finally the desired dream has become a reality.

My jewels are a physical treasure that you can wear; each breastmilk piece will commemorate your amazing journey with tangible memory.

I decided to start offering this to other mothers that feel the same way about their breastfeeding and their motherhood as I think that it is the most amazing way to keep your memories always with you.

As a mother of little angel I do create pieces with ashes of your loved ones. This is something very close to my heart and I’m extremely happy that I can offer to create beautiful jewellery, so you can have your loved ones close to you all the time.

All creations are made in my small workshop. Each of them with my best ingredients – respect, love and a lot of care.

Izabella Alvarez