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Why DNA Jewellery is so Special?

DNA jewellery is a way for the memories to live on. It is a unique piece of artistic jewellery.
As all of my pieces are handcrafted they are truly one of a kind and each piece represent many different life events.
They are made with your most meaningful inclusions such as locks of hair, placenta, cremation ashes, breast milk, milk tooth, sand, flowers, umbilical cord, and more!
Please visit my online shop for available styles with pricing.

How It Works


Place Your Order

The first thing you must do is select the Jewel that you like and place your order on our website.

Send Your Inclusions

We will email you the instruction on how to send your inclusion including breast milk.


Receive Your Jewel

As soon as we have your Jewel ready, we will send to you by courier service.